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Prearrange & Prepay your funeral

Increasingly, people are planning their own funerals, mainly to lessen the responsibilities for the family at such a difficult time. But planning also provides the opportunity to make clear your preferences about your funeral. Or there may be things you definitely don’t want at your funeral and these can be made known. 
Thinking about your own funeral is difficult for some people but, as funeral directors will tell you, it is not unusual for the grieving family to be unaware of the deceased’s funeral wishes. Expressing them will help the family do what you would like.

By planning ahead you will join an increasing number of people who will thoughtfully relieve their family of some of the stress of a family death.


My life, My funeral kit

The ‘My Life, My Funeral’ kit, available from any Funeral Director, has been developed through the wide collective experience of members of the Funeral Directors’ Association of New Zealand Inc.

The kit enables you to record your personal information as required by the Registrar-General of Births, Deaths and Marriages. Having these details pre-filled will be a great help to those finalising your funeral arrangements.

The second part of the kit prompts you to record the details of those who should be notified of your death - friends, clubs, associations, service providers, professionals etc.

The final part of the kit helps you record your preferences for your funeral arrangements, including things you might not want. There are prompts to assist you and there is space at the end for any other special instructions you may have.


Pre-paying for your funeral

Pre-paying all or part of your funeral service expenses helps to relieve your family of the financial burden. And pre-paid funerals up to $10,000 are currently excluded from asset testing (under current government policy) when assessing eligibility for a subsidy for long-term residential care for the elderly.

Why use The Funeral Trust?

The Funeral Trust is a prepaid funeral plan that allows people to both preplan and prepay their funerals.  Funds are held and invested by a Trust and paid out after the funeral service has been delivered.

A Trust Deed set up by the Funeral Directors Association in 2010 governs the Plan, which is currently administered by a third party, Gallagher Bassett NZ Limited. For more information, visit the Funeral Trust website.

Why prearrange a funeral?

Today, more and more people are changing the way they think and now find it makes a lot of sense to prearrange their funeral or join a prepayment plan. Throughout our lives we plan for almost every financial eventuality we may face.  Prearranging and prepaying our funeral can relieve our families of emotional and financial worries at their most vulnerable time and allows them to gather together and support one another, remembering and celebrating the life of their loved one.  

Thinking about your own funeral plans may seem odd to some but it is on the increase as a practice. More and more people are realising just how helpful it will be for a grieving and stressed family to know the funeral wishes of their loved one. There is satisfaction in knowing your affairs are in order and your family will not experience extra distress at an already difficult time.

You can have peace of mind your wishes are known and you have made arrangements for them to be carried out. As many funeral directors will tell you, it is not unusual for the grieving family to be unaware of the deceased's funeral wishes.

Prearranging and prepaying your funeral means your wishes about how you'd like things to be at your funeral are known and are respected. 

Why prepay for a funeral?

The Funeral Trust is a prearranged funeral plan available exclusively through members of the Funeral Directors Association of New Zealand.

Prepaying all or part of your funeral service expenses helps to relieve your family of the financial burden. And prepaid funerals up to $10,000 are currently excluded from asset testing (under current government policy) when assessing eligibility for a subsidy for long-term residential care.

How do I join?

Visit the Funeral Trust website to fill in an online application form or alternatively, you can free-phone 0800 332 693.

Who can join?

Anyone can join The Funeral Trust regardless of their age or state of health.

Can I arrange a plan for somebody else?

Yes. It is common to prearrange a funeral for a family member or loved one. Confidentiality is assured - all correspondence will be sent to the person arranging the Plan.  

How much money will I have to pay?

That is entirely up to you. Your FDANZ Funeral Director will help you tailor a funeral to suit your budget. It's important to remember costs can change and while every effort will be made to help you assess how much money you need to put away, when the time comes it is important family check the prearrangement details against the funds available.